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FAQ's Fall '20 Overrides--Admitted BSN Students Only

March 27, 2020 follow up to answer common questions and clarify the override process. Refer to instructions on the online request form and previous instructions below.

Q: Do I need to register for PLI before submitting an override request?
A: Yes, register for PLI CRN # 10971 on EKU direct once registration opens. If you have already submitted the override form, we will process overrides once we verify students’ PLI enrollment.

Q: Do I need to upload proof of new personal health insurance to CastleBranch?
A: Yes, the personal health insurance requirement (currently set to be renewed on 8/1/20) will need to be updated with a new, current insurance document before we can process overrides. Submit a current Certificate/Letter of Coverage containing student’s name, group number, effective date, and current date from Insurance Provider. If there is not a slot to upload a document early, you will need to call CastleBranch to ask that they open a slot for early renewal.  Once accepted in CastleBranch, the renewal date for the health insurance requirement will be set as 8/1/21.  This indicates you've renewed the requrement and are eligible for overrides.  

Q: How do I upload a new document to CastleBranch if there isn’t a slot?
A: You’ll need to call CastleBranch customer serviceat (888) 723-4263 or use online chat to ask them to open a new slot(s) for early renewal. When CastleBranch opens a new slot, you can expect the requirement to temporarily read “overdue” until the new document is uploaded. This temporary situation is acceptable and will not affect overrides/ enrollment.

Q: Why do I need to update CastleBranch requirements now that aren’t set to expire until this summer or later in August?
A: We can’t process overrides until you are clear in CastleBranch through the month the new term starts (August).  This ensures students will have met their clinical requirements when the Fall 2020 term starts and when our clinical sites check CastleBranch just before the term starts.

Q: Do I need to upload a new flu shot document now to get overrides?
A: No. The flu shot deadline is set for October 31, 2020.  You can plan to get a flu shot this fall before the deadline.

Q: Is it acceptable to have a CastleBranch requirement that is set to expire during the Fall 2020 term?
A: Yes, this is allowed.  Students will need to plan to renew the requirements during the fall term.  You should not let a requirement expire and become overdue at any time.

Q: Can I submit the override request form later this spring or summer?
A: If you are clear in CastleBranch, you can submit the form now.  If necessary you can wait to submit the form later this spring or summer, but before August 1st.  You will not be closed out of nursing courses while waiting for overrides.

Q: What if I’m having difficulty renewing CPR or another clinical requirement due to the COVID-19 situation?
A: First, research your options with the understanding that override requests do not need to be submitted immediately. The deadline to update clinical requirements for the fall term is August 1st.  Contact for a list of CPR instructors in the Richmond area. 

As with past override requests, our administrators require students to ensure CastleBranch requirements are not set to expire during the month the term begins (August) -- or before.  This will streamline compliance efforts when clinical sites check CastleBranch and make certain students are eligible for clinical courses. This policy applies to the proof of personal health insurance requirement which is due on August 1st annually.

Students will not be closed out of nursing courses while waiting for overrides to be processed.  We understand the COVID-19 situation is very complicated and are willing to offer support and address any challenges you may have with this process.


*Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) –Fall 2020 CRN# 10971
1. What is PLI?
It protects you if there is a claim of damage that results from an error in practice during EKU internships, practicums, or field work.

2. What is the cost?
Your EKU student account will be charged $21.

3. How long is PLI valid?
PLI is good for the entire academic year, starting in the fall semester. 
If you register for PLI in Fall semester - it covers the next spring and summer semesters.
If you register for PLI in Spring semester - it covers the next summer semester.
If you register for PLI in Summer semester - it covers the summer semester only.

4. Where do I get this?
 Log into EKU DIRECT as if registering for a class. Go to the Registration page.  Choose Drop/Add Classes.  Register for PLI by typing the CRN number provided.  Click Submit Changes

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